Siena: guided tours to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

From November 1st 2014 until February 28th 2015

the entrance to the Cathedral of Siena is FREE!

Guide in Toscana organizes guided tours with licensed tour guides inside the Cathedral of Siena: visits are carried out on request throughout the year and on the occasion of the unveiling of the extraordinary inlaid marble floor that takes place every year from mid-August at the end of October. With our Tour Guides you will discover the treasures kept inside the Cathedral, true masterpieces made by the greatest masters of all time, such as Nicola Pisano, Donatello, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Pinturicchio, Beccafumi, Gian Lorenzo Bernini.


Every year from mid-August to late October you can enjoy the wonderful inlaid marble floor of the Cathedral of Siena.

This year, on the occasion of EXPO Milano 2015, the floor will be exceptionally visible for the entire month of July!

What kind of messages are hidden behind the 56 inlays of this amazing masterpiece? What were the great artists who collaborated in its implementation and the techniques they used?


Find out NOW! BOOK our GUIDED TOURS and you will be revealed all the secrets that lie behind this extraordinary work!