“Dress Code” for visiting Churches

If you’re planning on visiting any churches make sure you dress appropriately, especially women.
Shorts are not allowed for men or women; tank tops, bare shoulders or short skirts are not permitted. Just make sure your shoulders and legs are covered so if it’s a hot day, bring a scarf or shawl to throw over your shoulders or your hips.
Dressing appropriately will allow you to avoid being turn away from the entrance!

The great Museums of Florence: how to avoid the queues

To avoid long waiting queues we recommend to book in advance tickets to the Great Museums of Florence: you can book the tickets on the Musei Statali Fiorentini Official web site https://webshop.b-ticket.com/webshop/webticket/eventlist?production=1

The best time to visit Florence and its Museums is the low season (from November to February): Guide in Toscana also recommend that you plan your visit in the afternoon when all museums are less crowded.

State Museums: free admissions and discounts

Free access is provided to the following categories:

  • EU citizens under 18 years, upon presentation of a valid ID;
  • Groups of students from Italy or other EU member states accompanied by their instructors, subject to making reservations and as authorized by school administration;
  • citizens of the European Union with disabilities and a family member or other accompanying person who can demonstrate employment in the relevant social services organisation.
  • Free entry is allowed during special events, such as the “Week of Culture”, both nationally and locally, announced through the press or the media.

The ticket is reduced for the following categories:

  • European Union citizens aged between 18 and 25 years, upon presentation of a valid ID

Uffizi Gallery/Accademia Gallery: tips for students and groups

We remind the visitors to follow some basic rules of good conduct; we remind that groups cannot exceed 9 members (Uffzi Gallery) and 4 members (Accademia Gallery). Tips for students and groups

Earphones: where the use of earphones is required

  • Florence: Uffizi, Accademia; Duomo (for groups over 4 people), Church of Santa Croce (for groups over 15 people), Church of Santo Spirito (for groups over 15 people), Church of Santa Maria Novella
  • Siena: Cathedral (for groups over 15 people)
  • Pisa: Cathedral

Earphones: where the use of earphones is recommended

for guided tours inside churches, museums and interiors in general, for guided tours of historic city centers.

The rental of earphones is strongly recommended, however, for all groups over 7 people